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"I lost over 80 lbs"

Her workouts are fun and challenging, her meal plans are delicious and simple, and her tracking software is first rate, easy to use and helpful for getting to your goals. The best decision I ever made was to hire Alli as my trainer.  She is professional, inspiring, tough, and organized.” – Tim H.

Mark got shredded at 64

“After a month or so I started noticing subtle changes. It was easier to do simple things like getting in and out of chairs. I was excited to see my abs start forming after about 6 weeks. 8 weeks my spare tire was deflating. By the end of three months my waist size went from 40 to 36.” – Mark

Brian lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks

Brian lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks following my diet plan. We added simple workouts a few weeks into the program that helped him lean down quickly.

Up until recently, I subscribed to the belief that once you were past your early thirties, it wasn’t realistic for a typical American male to be able to maintain a fit, athletic body without having fitness essentially consume your life. 

And for those looking to get results without any outside help that may very well be the case. But since working with the BOD Company™ I’m thrilled to say I’ve been able to completely transform my body without taking time or attention away from my family, my business. If anything I now have more stamina and energy to get more accomplished and have more fun time during the day than before. If I’d had any idea I’d be able to get such strong results without living at the gym or giving up delicious foods I’d have done this years ago.

After reading “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Fitness and Fat Loss” in mid-October and being particularly fascinated by the chapter on the psychology of food and fitness I decided I was going to lose 35 lbs by the end of the year.

Not wanting to spend $500+ per month on personal training I set out to see just how far I could get on my own. I started eating 2 meal replacement shakes per day, counting my calories and protein, drinking lots of water and hitting the gym 6-7 times a week rather than 3-4.

Come mid-December, after 2 full months I had managed to drop 10 pounds. For the next 30 days, I found I was no longer losing weight. I had not only plateaued, I was getting really tired of tracking everything I ate. Plus I was starting to feel deprived. I wasn’t really enjoying what I was eating & I knew unless I found some meals I would enjoy I would not only not meet my goal, but I would put the weight back on.

The BOD Company™ meal plan was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I was amazed at how good and easy to make their healthy meals were. It gave me exactly the jolt of motivation I needed. I broke out of my rut and lost 3 lbs my first week and 9 more by the end of my 6th week on the meal plan.

The high protein diet was also having a positive effect on my physique, as I could tell I was not only losing fat but building muscle. I started following the exercise plan in early March and was pleasantly surprised that after only the first week, I could suddenly see my long lost abs. I wasn’t even working out anymore with the exercise plan.

The only change was HOW I was working out.

If I had any idea it was possible with such a minimal investment of time and money I would have done this years ago. It feels great to be able to look in the mirror after a shower and smile. I would recommend the BOD Company™ and their fitness program to anyone.


Brian McFadden

Travis lost 60 pounds

Steven M. got visible abs

Chris lost 140 pounds

“After months of working with Alli, I’ve lost over 140lbs, I can now do pushups and most other bodyweight exercises with ease. I’m feeling stronger and sexier than I ever have in my whole life.”

Nina lost 15 pounds in 45 days

Nina is now down more than 30 lbs, and is thrilled that she’s doing this all naturally without any medications – and with the “crazy schedule” she lives each day.

Mrs. Smith lost post-partum weight

She was postpartum, dropped weight while breast feeding, and is currently about to deliver her healthiest baby yet!

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