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ABout Alli Covington

Personal trainer and group exercise instructor for 25+ years

This is the last stop in your search for assistance, and the beginning of a fun and fulfilling journey that will not only leave you happier and healthier but your family as well.

I am a uniquely skilled and talented woman with many years of experience training men and women to get the body they’ve always wanted, and a Master’s degree in counseling Psychology.

Psychologists aren’t personal trainers and can’t help you get in shape, and trainers aren’t psychologists that understand the underlying issues that prevent us from reaching our goals. I am both—and I’ll show how to reach your fitness goals.

This is a combination that has made me the best.

Your body is a machine that will do whatever you tell it to do, but it’s your brain that needs coaching!

Not just a fitness coach

Pioneer and innovator in the fitness industry.

ACE certified Personal Trainer

AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor

Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology

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