12 Weeks to Change Everything

Join an elite group of high performing men & women for fitness, nutritional and mental breakthroughs.

Includes custom workouts, meal plans, accountability, one-on-one coaching.

This program goes "beyond personal training" to transform your life and to supercharge your career, relationships and family life.

The Best Results...

Come Quickly.

When you're balancing career, community and parenting, it's very easy to put yourself last.

And when you do make it to the gym, are you maximizing every precious minute?

Sadly, the basics of resistance training and balanced workouts aren't taught in high school or college.

It's not uncommon to fall back on "predictable" cardio, try to replicate a workout you remember from youth sports or a previous class at the gym, or even atttempt to piece together a fitness program from YouTube videos.

It's not that any of those routes are are impossible--given enough time, you might "blindly stumble" your way to notable body changes.

But if you need to get in, get out and get results...then you need BOD, the prefect blend of personal training, nutrition and affordability.

Want Dramatic Results?

Follow a proven path.

Unfortunately, the American system doesn't "teach" fitness well.

Even former college athletes who sign up for Bod often say "I never learned how to really train, even in elite sports."

The number one reason people burn out at the gym is a lack of results--which almost always comes from "unfocused" training.

You have limited time in the gym, but you don't need 20+ hours of training a week to double your energy level, build a killer bod and boost mental clarity in your daily life.

Take the guess work out of getting amazing results with Bod personal training.

Safe And Effective

Nutrition Included

Expert Guidance

Without expert guidance, most fitness seekers either go too light--and are frustrated with the lack of results, or too heavy--and deal with frequent injuries.

Hit the right balance of intensity and recovery, and you'll be amazed at what your efforts product.

With Bod, you're in touch with Allie, after every workout if you want to via the BOD app.

Build the physique of your dreams with an expert trainer in your corner--for a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training.

Years of social media posts and mainstream media coverage of "trendy" diets may have left you confused about what exactly to eat in order to achieve the results you're looking for.

BOD makes it easy to track the important elements of nutrition, ignore the trends, and see tremendous results.

Personalized for you, Powered by A.I.

BOD is powered by an algorithm that progressively and continuously overloads the different muscle fibers for increased strength, growth, density and endurance.

This assures your goals met as effectively and efficiently as possible, while simultaneously bypassing the psychological limitations we impose on ourselves when faced with new challenges.

To put it simply, don't "guess" at how much you should be lifting to see results--let the math effortlessly create your perfect work out.

Every time.

Together, this instantaneously creates workouts that constantly change for maximum enjoyment and effectiveness.

Choose The Package That's Right For You


  • Video Tutorials & Exercise Voiceovers
  • AI Powered, constantly customizing workout plan
  • Food Planning & Tracking
  • LeanBOD Recipes
  • Investment: $97/month


  • 12 Weeks of Group Coaching (Under 10 per group)

  • Expert Guidance & Accountability

  • Daily support via text

  • Investment: $1500


  • Everything in Premier, plus

  • 12 Weeks Exclusive Weekly One on One Coaching

  • Deep Dive Root Cause Analysis and Solutions

  • Gut Health Supplements Included

  • 1-Year Subscription to the BOD app

  • Investment: $5000*